19 Feb, TVPM: Two day residential Procurement and Construction Management Training to SO Staff and Project Commissioners of Bacth II GPs under Idukki District at Nirmithi Kendra from 19th and 20th  February. Sri. T Bhaskaran IAS, Executive Director inaugurated the training programme Sri. VL Mohan Kumar, Director Operations, Sri. K Mohan, Director Technical, Sri. Premlal M, Director HRD and Sri Arun Raj, director M& E delivered felicitation to the programme. 



Tvpm, 19 Feb: Three Day Orientation Training on ArcGIS software to KRWSA Officers conducted at PMU office Jalanidhi from 19th to 21st February. Sri. T Bhaskaran IAS, Executive Director inaugurated the training programme.Sri. S Sreevalsan, Director Finance and Administration, Sri. VL Mohan Kumar, Director Operations, Sri. K Mohan, Director Technical, and Sri. Premlal M, Director HRD, delivered felicitation to the programme.



Hon. MLA , Prof. N Jayarajan inaugurates the show at Kangazha gramapanchayath

Hon. MLA, Prof. N Jayarajan watching Jalayaanam 2014

Warm welcome at Kangazha gramapanchayath

Jalayanam celebrations at Kooroppada gramapanchayath

School children with Jalayanam at Kooroppada gramapanchayath

20 Feb, Kottayam: Prof N Jayarajan MLA of Vazhoor constituency appreciated Jalayaanam 2014 for the timely intervention on water conservation. Hon. MLA visited the show at Kangazha gramapanchayath  and appreciated the team for the effort and timely intervention on water conservation.The road show performed three shows at Kooroppada gramapanchayath and four shows at Kangazha gramapanchayath. The show heads to Parathodu and Poonjaar – Thekkekkara on next day.

Report: media@krwsa



Reception at Meenadom Gramapanchayath

Show at Panachikkad Graamapanchayath

Road show at Meenadom - Puthuppally

19 Feb, Kottayam: Jalanidhi roadshow Jalayaanam 2014 got warm welcome at Panachikkad and Meenadom Gramapanchayaths. The panchayaths belongs to Puthuppally , Hon. Chief Ministers constituency, received and accepted the program grandly. Panachikkaad gramapanchayath had four shows and Meenadom gramapanchayaths featured three shows of the  road show. The beneficiaries and gramapanchayaths has taken the ownership of the show and  public participation made each venue auspicious. The show heads to Kooroppada and adjoining gramapanchayaths next day.

Report: media@krwsa




18 Feb., Kottayam: The roadshow of Jalanidhi – Jalayaanam 2014 is warmly accepted by the public. The show was flagged off by Hon. Minister for Water Resources Sri. PJ Joseph , and the same day the first five shows happened at Kurichy gramapanchayaths of Kottayam district. The show was warmly accepted by the public and more than 3000 viewers participated in the show. Even the Kurichy MC Road was blocked several times by the presence of viewers. Today the trail moves to Panacchikkaad and Meenadom gramapanchayaths of Kottayam district.

Report: media@krwsa



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