Gramapanchayath President of Chokkad inaugurating the show

Show at Chokkad gramapanchayath

Gramapanchayath President inaugurates the roadshow at Urangatteeri gramapanchayath

Huge crowd at Urangatteeri gramapanchayath show

Reception of the show at Parappur by gramapanchayath President

Show at Parappur gramapanchayath

President of Perumanna Klari gramapanchayath receives the show

Jalayaanam 2014 performing a grand show at Perumanna Klari gramapanchayath

9 Mar, Malappuram: Jalayaanam 2014 performed at Chokkad, Urangatteeri, Parapur and Perumann Klari gramapanchayaths of Malappuram region. The gramapanchayaths received the show with warm acceptence, and each show featured huge crowd. The team performed four shows at each panchayath. The gramapanchayath, GPST and SO team were very keen to make the show arrangements, and each show was crowd pulling.The roadshow continues to Ozhur and Thennala next day.

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Sri. PR Narendradev, Regional Project Director - Malappuram receives Jalayaanam 2014 at Melattur gramapanchayath

Show at Melattur gramapanchayath

School children viewing the show at Melattur gramapanchayath

The President receives Jalayaanam 2014 at Edappatta gramapanchayath

Team at Edappatta gramapanchayath

7 Mar, Malappuram: The Jalayanam team attended Melattoor and Edappatta gramapanchayaths at Malappuram district today. Sri. PR Narendradev, Regional Project Direc tor, Malappuram warmly welcomed the team at Melattoor. He delivered the welcome speach and gave his wishes to the team. The President of Edappatta gramapanchayath received the team with fruits and flowers. The team performed crowd pulling shows at both gramapanchayaths. The team moves to Chokkad and Urangatteri next day.

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Roadshow at Pallassana gramapanchayath

The team receives fruits as complement from Pallassana gramapanchayath

Prosession at Lakkidi Perur gramapanchayath

Program inauguration by gramapanchayath President, Lakkidi Perur

Show at Lakkidi Perur

6 Mar, Palakkad: The roadshow team performed at Pallassana and Lakkidi Perur gramapanchayaths at Palakkad district today. The team was welcomed warmly by the gramapanchayaths and all shows were flooded with huge crowd. The art form attracts people a lot and they expressed their gratitude in visiting the gramapanchayath and offerred fruits as their complement. The team moves to Melattoor and Edappatta gramapanchayaths on next day.

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Warm welcome at Puthenchira gramapanchayath

Singarimelam at Puthenchira reception

Happy farewell from Puthenchira gramapanchayath

Reception at Vellangalloor gramapanchayath

Show at Vellangalloor gramapanchayath

Publicity for Jalayanam 2014

5 Mar, Thrissur: Jalayaanam completed the trail at Thrissur district with Puthenchira and Vellangalloor gramapanchayaths of Kodungalloor constituency. The gramapanchayaths belongs to Mala - Kodungalloor multy gramapanchayath scheme. The show was warmly welcomed at both gramapanchayaths, and the beneficiaries,  and gramapanchayaths accepted the  show with great pomp. The show moves to Pallassana and Lakkidi-Perur next day.

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5 Feb, Tvpm: Jalanidhi conducted induction training for the newly recruited Junior Project Commissioners,at Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra today. The newly appointed 40 Junior Project Commissioners attended the training. The training imparted project information and accounting procedures. Sri S.Sreevalsan,DFA, Sri VL Mohan Kumar, DOP, Sri. M.Premlal, DHRD, Sri. S.ArunRaj, DME, Sri. K.N.Suresh Babu, Dy. DT attended the inaugural functiion

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