Jalayanam reception at Thavinjal gramapanchayath

Roadshow at Thavinjal gramapanchayath

Roadshow inauguration at Aralam gramapanchayath

Roadshow at Aralam gramapanchayath

17 Mar, Kannur: Jalayanam 2014 roadshow performed at Thavinjal gramapanchayath of Wyanad and Aralam of Kannur district. The show successfully completed the trail at Wyanad district and the first show at Kannur was at Aralam gramapanchayath. The inaugural ceremony featured representatives of Block panchayath and gramapanchayath. The show got much attention and apprecietion of the gramapanchayaths. The show moves to Koalayad and Kunnothuparambu of Kannur district next day.

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Jalayanam 2014 team members presented with memento by Edavaka gramapanchayath

Crowd pulling show at Edavaka gramapanchayath

A pleasant present from Edavaka gramapanchayath

Jalayaanam 2014 recieved by Paniya tribes of Thondernad gramapanchayath

Jalayaanam 2014 reception at Thondernad gramapanchayath

Roadshow spectators at Thondernad gramapanchayath

16 Mar, Wyanad: Jalayanam performed at Edavaka and Thondernad gramapanchayaths today. The team was warmly received by the gramapanchayaths and Edavaka gramapanchayath presented each team member a memento on Jalayanam. The shows were crowded at both gramapanchayaths. The team is upto Thavinjal gramapancyath of Wyanad and Aralam of Kannur district next day.

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Jalayanam 2014 inauguration at Panamaram gramapanchayath

Raodshow at Panamaram gramapanchayath

Roadshow at Vellamunda gramapanchayath

15 Mar, Wyanad: Jalayanam 2014 covered Panamaram and Vellamunda gramapanchayaths of Wyanad district today. Each show featured huge crowd os spectators and the public shared their apppreciation for bringing such an art form for project promotion. The team moves to Edavaka and Thondernad gramapanchayaths next day.

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Jalayanam 2014 at Pulpally gramapanchayath, Wyanad

Reception at Pulpally gramapanchayath

Gramapanchayath member offering Ponnada at Pulpally gramapanchayath

Grand show at Pulpally gramapanchayath

Jalayaanam 2014 reception at Poothadi gramapanchayath

Show at Poothadi gramapanchayath

14 Mar, Wyanad: The roadshow Jalayanam 2014 performed at Pulpally and Poothadi gramapanchayaths today. The team was received with bouque of flowers and all places received roadshow with great enthusiasm.The Jalanidhi team and beneficiaries of neighbouring villages, travelled and joined the show.  The team performed 6 shows today, and moves to Panamaram and Vellamunda next day

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Reception at Kottathara gramapanchayath

Students watching Jalayanam 2014 at Pallikkunnu school, Kottathara

Reception at Kaniyampetta gramapanchayath

Roadshow at Kaniyampetta gramapanchayath

13 Mar, Wayanad: Jalayaanam 2014 was grandly welcomed at Kottathara and Kaniyampatta gramapanchayaths today. The show at Pallikkunnu primary school was remarkable by the patient and appreciating spectation of the young children. The shows at Kaniyampetta gramapanchayath featured large crowds and participation of beneficiaries. The show moves to Poothadi and Pulppalli gramapanchayaths next day.

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